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The Humble Futon

The Humble Futon

Reputation.  It can attract or repel in an instant.

If widely accepted, a change in perspective becomes – shall we say – a challenge.  Case in point, the often misunderstood and maligned futon.

Chances are, your first encounter with a futon was memorable, but possibly for all the wrong reasons. 

It could have been a night spent in a friend’s basement, where every slat under a paper-thin futon mattress became etched into your back before the break of day. Or maybe your college years hold similar memories…but endured over an even longer period of time. Maybe…you would say the only futons you've ever come across fall into the category of what any sane person would label "junk".

Fair enough. 

But as happens so often with "reputations" part of the story is not being told - the most crucial part. Although it’s a surprise to some, there is quality to be found and benefits to be gained beyond the cheap, black-sheep versions that ruin the family name and haunt many a memory.  

For starters, finding a reputable futon store is key to finding a futon that will work best for you.  And for the skeptics, here are a few additional things to consider that will help you see the 'Humble Futon' in a whole new light! 

  1. The Natural Component:
    Futon mattresses are made primarily (or sometimes entirely) of cotton or other natural fibers (eucalyptus, wool), which serve as an alternative to traditional mattresses often contaminated with toxins. This is a healthier choice, especially for those who have health considerations.
  2. Circulation:
    Slats of a futon frame allow for air to move more easily underneath a futon mattress and can help regulate heat.
  1. Cleanliness:
    Believe it or not, there are estimates that say each person loses at least a pound of skin scales over the course of a year…right into their mattress.   The build-up of these scales serves as breeding ground for dust mites and become an additional issue for asthma sufferers. The open slats of a futon frame allow scales to fall through and dust mite levels to be minimized. Thank goodness.
  2. Style:
    ‘You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!’ Metal, hardwood, pine, bunk beds with futons…a range of styles and finishes make it possible to find the perfect fit for any setting. Redecorating? No problem, a new futon cover will quickly update your look down the road.
  1. Weight:
    Remember when back-breaking sofabeds were the only option? We still hear stories about customers who want to leave them behind for the next owner to move! Moving a futon means your back will thank you.
  1. Small Space Solution:
    Narrow entryways or staircases are no longer an issue when moving a futon in or out.
  2. Price + Quality:
    We understand there are times when budget is the singular guide to furniture shopping, so while we work to meet the needs of the budget-conscious shopper, we don’t stop there! East West Futons goes beyond the basic ‘college-style’ futon with a variety of futon mattresses designed for both sitting and sleeping and we carry a huge selection of frames and covers that offer a range of styles and price points.

So, no matter if you are a fan or sceptic, we invite you to drop by or visit us at   Oh, and did I mention...

We're Not Just Futons! 

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