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Once again we need to say “Thank You”.  Thank you for supporting our small business over these last two tumultuous years.  Our doors were closed to customers more than they were open, but you continued to support us online and hang in with us with the ups and downs of “Contactless” initiatives, supply chain disruptions and everything that went with these season in history.  We appreciate your support so much. Over these last few years we have been operating with a skeleton staff and have not taken any time to rest, so we will be closing the store this Fall, from October 10 - 17, 2021, for a much needed HOLIDAY!   YEAH!!We thank you again - in advance this time...

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Many Thanks

The best place to start is with a “thank you”.   Or perhaps many “thank you’s”. Thank you for supporting our small business over this last year, when our doors were closed 6 out of 12 months due to lockdowns.   Thank you for being patient as we managed – understaffed – to meet the needs of our (mostly online) customers as quickly as we possibly could.    Thank you for understanding changes in protocols and sometimes delays in the supply chain that meant a little longer wait for the arrival of product.    Thank you for your encouraging words along the way.   When the lockdowns began a year ago this March, we had no idea what was ahead, but...

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The Humble Futon

Reputation.  It can attract or repel in an instant. If widely accepted, a change in perspective becomes – shall we say – a challenge.  Case in point, the often misunderstood and maligned futon. Chances are, your first encounter with a futon was memorable, but possibly for all the wrong reasons.  It could have been a night spent in a friend’s basement, where every slat under a paper-thin futon mattress became etched into your back before the break of day. Or maybe your college years hold similar memories…but endured over an even longer period of time. Maybe…you would say the only futons you've ever come across fall into the category of what any sane person would label "junk". Fair enough.  But...

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