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Partnership Essentials - In Search of Benevolence & Eco-Friendly Friends

Partnership Essentials - In Search of Benevolence & Eco-Friendly Friends

Just like you, quality is important to us. It's the number one reason we choose which wholesale suppliers we want to partner with.

But while product quality is essential, there are certain attributes that take a good partner and product to the next level…and make them great.  

Come along; let’s take a closer look.

In Search of Benevolence

Where would we be in this world without benevolent hearts? The act of compassion and charity always lead us in the right direction. They remind us of life’s greatest priorities – people.

One of the first things you will likely see when you wander through East West Futons are the area rugs that hang from the walls in our store. What you may not know is that these rugs are actually the by-product of a greater concern for people.

Before Kalora Interiors even existed, its founders worked together in Somali refugee camps with a dream of creating a non-profit that would provide ‘livelihood’ opportunities for families in developing countries. Once their dream was realized, they recognized the need to match suppliers (fledgling businesses) with customers (western world) and a hybrid company – Kalora Interiors – was born.

Today, an area rug purchased from Kalora, provides a steady source of income for small business owners in places of poverty around the world. Amazing.

Now, we realize not all companies choose to work overseas…some choose to work a little closer to home. This is equally important.

Sunpan (another key supplier) supports efforts that raise funds to fight hunger through the Daily Bread Food Bank and also shelter through partnering efforts with Habitat for Humanity. All for local communities here in Canada.

Benevolence near or far – all of it matters.

In Search of Sustainability

Let’s take a step back and widen our scope. There’s no question, this planet we live on is precious and we need to protect it in the best way know how.

Companies that really get this are now laser-focused on assessing their processes and making changes, such as the use of responsibly harvested materials, and/or ecological production practices that will benefit our generation and generations to come.

Two Canadian manufacturers that stand out are Amisco and Crate Designs - both are committed to a wide variety of eco-friendly production efforts.  Another is LH Imports who incorporates the use of reclaimed materials (such as old timbers formerly used for cable reels, bridge beams and torn down buildings) into their sustainability model.

All three of these companies are committed to creating beautiful and durable furniture that are unlikely to end up in landfills for many years to come.  In our throwaway prone society, we think that’s pretty amazing too. 

OK, now let’s talk about the import side.

Because our forests play a huge role in providing building materials, while also being vital to the health of our planet, the use of materials from sustainably managed forests is crucial. So, it’s important to see the same efforts towards sustainability in North America mirrored in products coming from overseas.

In order to strike a healthy balance between the environmental needs and the ongoing need for wood products, we look to certified councils who act as guardians in the planting and selective logging process of forests around the world.  In fact, our very own line of East West wood futons, are gleaned from certified sustainable plantations overseas, as are those provided through the products from Night and Day Furniture carried in our store.

This is no small matter. Our trees, the very resource that provides the air we breathe, need to be handled responsibly. We value and applaud companies that are committed to a variety of sustainability practices and we hope to see continued growth in these efforts in the years ahead.

Partners that Care

So to summarize; in the search for great products to bring to you...our thing is clear, a company that can offer a quality product combined with an active concern for the world, is the most valued of all.  We think you'll agree!


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