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New Digs

If you’ve been busy this summer, you may have missed out on the fact that after 27 years on Bloor Street, EAST WEST FUTONS has moved! It’s been a little over 3 months now and we're all settled in, with extra space in our showroom and lots of free parking!  For those of you who experienced the illusive search for parking along Bloor…this is a HUGE bonus! You will find our new location just south of the 401, in between the Yorkdale Shopping Mall and Orfus Road - a familiar area for avid shoppers who know where to find the best stores with the best deals!   Collage 1 – A glimpse of the new showroom floor, a Cinnamon Futon...

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Partnership Essentials - In Search of Benevolence & Eco-Friendly Friends

Just like you, quality is important to us. It's the number one reason we choose which wholesale suppliers we want to partner with. But while product quality is essential, there are certain attributes that take a good partner and product to the next level…and make them great.   Come along; let’s take a closer look. In Search of Benevolence Where would we be in this world without benevolent hearts? The act of compassion and charity always lead us in the right direction. They remind us of life’s greatest priorities – people. One of the first things you will likely see when you wander through East West Futons are the area rugs that hang from the walls in our store. What you may not know is...

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One Size Does Not Fit All

I've always been fascinated with small space living.  It may have started when I was know, when you're a kid and you climb up into an amazing tree fort a neighbour Dad built with all its small, cozy essentials or a one-room cottage that feels warm and it was tailored just for you. Maybe there's an experience like that lodged in the back closet of my mind...who knows.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the opportunity to wave my arms and not hit anything but ultimately, there's something radical and exciting about the recent move towards tiny spaces.  It heightens the need for form and function to collide - with utmost attention to detail.  The appeal of small...

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