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The Humble Futon

Reputation.  It can attract or repel in an instant. If widely accepted, a change in perspective becomes – shall we say – a challenge.  Case in point, the often misunderstood and maligned futon. Chances are, your first encounter with a futon was memorable, but possibly for all the wrong reasons.  It could have been a night spent in a friend’s basement, where every slat under a paper-thin futon mattress became etched into your back before the break of day. Or maybe your college years hold similar memories…but endured over an even longer period of time. Maybe…you would say the only futons you've ever come across fall into the category of what any sane person would label "junk". Fair enough.  But...

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One Size Does Not Fit All

I've always been fascinated with small space living.  It may have started when I was know, when you're a kid and you climb up into an amazing tree fort a neighbour Dad built with all its small, cozy essentials or a one-room cottage that feels warm and it was tailored just for you. Maybe there's an experience like that lodged in the back closet of my mind...who knows.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the opportunity to wave my arms and not hit anything but ultimately, there's something radical and exciting about the recent move towards tiny spaces.  It heightens the need for form and function to collide - with utmost attention to detail.  The appeal of small...

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Eco-Friendly Eucalyptus

You may have noticed that Eucalyptus is making an a name for itself in the futon mattress realm.  Why is that?  Read on and discover more of the benefits this newcomer offers for customers in search of eco-friendly and healthier alternatives. Eucalyptus fiber is a product derived from eucalyptus tree pulp. The fiber is soft and convenient for mattress manufacturing because it is naturally hypoallergenic and repellent to dust mites. It also has a great capacity to absorb humidity compared to its volume. Eucalyptus fiber has very high humidity absorption and breathing capacity which repels parasites like dust-mites who tend to infest humid environments. Also, its very fast drying ability considerably reduces the propagation of bacteria and moisture, adding to...

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