Eco-Friendly Eucalyptus

You may have noticed that Eucalyptus is making an a name for itself in the futon mattress realm.  Why is that?  Read on and discover more of the benefits this newcomer offers for customers in search of eco-friendly and healthier alternatives.
Eucalyptus fiber is a product derived from eucalyptus tree pulp. The fiber is soft and convenient for mattress manufacturing because it is naturally hypoallergenic and repellent to dust mites. It also has a great capacity to absorb humidity compared to its volume.
Eucalyptus fiber has very high humidity absorption and breathing capacity which repels parasites like dust-mites who tend to infest humid environments. Also, its very fast drying ability considerably reduces the propagation of bacteria and moisture, adding to the life span of the mattress and countering the development of bad smell in long-term.
Added to all of these positive effects to our sleep, growing the eucalyptus plant is very easy, making it an eco-friendly material. The plants do not require any pesticides to survive and the tree reaches maturity very fast. Even better, eucalyptus forests require minimal water spraying to grow. Studies show that eucalyptus only needs 155 gallons of water/pound of produced fiber and half an acre of territory can produce about a ton of fiber. In comparison, organic Californian cotton drains 782 gallons of water/pound and needs 3.5 acres to get the same amount of produced fiber. Eucalyptus can also be planted on low quality lands without altering the fiber, giving access to good arable land necessary to grow high quality food.
The fiber passes through different steps for its manufacturing. The tree is first cut to wood chip and mixed with amine oxides, an organic, biodegradable and non-toxic solvent. The amino oxides used are organic and biodegradable. The fiber is softly dissolved, cellulose is extracted and its agglomeration forms the fabric. Then multiple cleaning and drying cycles finally allows creating a final product clean and soft to maximize quality and comfort. What is great with the whole process is that 99% of the solvent and water used are recycled and used again, the loss being minimal is ideal for an eco-friendly product. Finally, the tree automatically reproduces its own new sprouts, considerably reducing the energy loss and carbon emanations form heavy machinery normally used by industries to replant trees.
Eucalyptus...the natural choice.