Cotton Shikibuton Japanese Futon
Shikibutons and Tatami Mats
Cotton Shikibuton Japanese Futon

Cotton Shikibuton Japanese Futon


The Shikibuton Japanese Futon is a traditional style bed usually used on Tatami Mats (Tatamis) and folded during the day to be stored. The cotton compresses over time and offers a firm comfort.

In the West, these futons are used more often by persons who are looking for a very firm and grounded sleeping surface or travelers that have experienced this type of comfort. 

  • Made w/ 4 layers of cotton fiber 
  • Available in 2 colours
  • Can easily be rolled or folded
  • 2 bottom straps tie the futon
  • Additional cover can be added for washability 
  • Handmade in Quebec

Dimensions -

Compact - 32 x 72
Single   - 39 x 75
Double - 54 x 75
Queen  - 60 x 80 

*Not meant to be used on a futon frame as you would feel the slats.

*Availability : 1-3 weeks

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