We're not just futons

From College, to Condos, to Cottage we specialize in small space solutions for urban living. From local to global we choose responsible and sustainable resources, with hardwood frames that are FSC certified and pine frames locally made.

A bit about our small space solutions


Rooms should inspire creativity and comfort. Our products deliver.

Dual Purpose

A lot of our furniture serves dual purpose to help a larger need in a small space.


Beds with hidden storage, storage ottomans that turn into coffee tables etc.

Health Conscious

We don't spray our futons with fire retardant chemicals.


We carry latex eco-friendly mattresses and bedding and our frames are FSC certified.


Pine frames are locally made, and we've been making our own futons since '92.

The friendly people on the floor of our store

Laurie - Owner/Sales

Enjoys a good read on a Sunday afternoon.
Enjoys riding his lawn tractor even more. 
Pseudonym: El Padre

Justin - Sales

Loves to cook (he's a foodie!).
Loves to play music & promote bands.
REALLY enjoys chatting with people.

More new faces COMING SOON!