Futon Mattress
Futon Mattress
Futon Mattress

6 Layer All Cotton Futon

  • 6 Layers of raw unbleached cotton
  • 36-60 lbs of cotton - depending upon size
  • delivers that natural 'old-school' feel
  • cotton is hypoallergenic, easy on sensitive skin and a good choice for people with allergies or asthma
  • cotton breathes and stays cool while conducting heat, making it very comfortable to sleep on
  • popular as a natural mattress for kids or as a mattress topper 

1 Year Limited Warranty 

We have been making our own futons locally for over 25 years.  

**Please note that due to the nature of this natural, all-cotton mattress, the actual size may appear smaller initially, but will settle to its actual size upon use. 

All Cotton Futon Sizes

 Single 39x75
 Double 54x75
 Queen 60x80