Ungava Latex Mattress
Ungava Latex Mattress
Ungava Latex Mattress

Ungava Latex Mattress


The Ungava Latex Mattress is our take on a very popular concept : a high-density foam base topped by latex. This combination allows to benefit from the comfort of the latex at a very interesting price.  The body sinks comfortably in the upper layers of natural wool and soft latex but it supported by the firm foam base.

Natural fibres wrapping the latex will compress gradually and then stabilize. The symmetrical confection allows a rotation of the mattress and makes it last much longer.

**Sleeping mattress only, not recommended as sit/sleep mattress 

Recommended for sleepers looking for :

-a firm mattress with a certain elasticity from the latex that embraces the shape of the body and eliminates pressure points.

-a mattress with natural latex at a good price.

-easy to flip topper.

-a fresh, hypoallergenic, dust-mites resistant mattress with no toxic fire retardants added

    10 Year Limited Warranty

    **Order time - 2-3 weeks